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Wednesday, December 16, 2020


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Kleopatra Dokle 

Singer / Actress

The daughter of the Ionian waves and the bride of Kukës "lumiane" songs. The example of Albanian union, North and South as one!

She was born on December 17, 1949 in Narte, Vlora, and this is exactly the place where she appeared on stage for the first time with the Narte Ensemble. With the patience and prudence of this girl, of the waves near and far from the Ionian, full of talent, muse and passion, with her voice, she would soon become one of the most admired and popular singers, not only within Albania, but in all Albanian lands out of the country. 


Kleopatra has been energetic and talented, with the emotional interpretation and power of the sounds of the popular Vlora fountain, as we saw her on stage and at various artistic and musical events over the years. It is not for nothing that they have called her the Queen of Vlora Song. It has thus become a precious national and historical value of Albanian Art and culture. In 1966 she won the first prize at the National Festival of Artistic Ensembles, with the song "A Garden with Oranges" (Nje kopesht me portokalle). In the same year, she performed for two and a half months in China with the Albanian Song and Dance Ensemble.



In 1967 she debuts even won the Second Prize at the 6th Song Festival on Radio Television with the "Holiday in Malesia" (Feste ne malesi). A year later, 1968, she won the second prize again at the 7th edition of Song Festival on RTSH with "Drite ne Malesi". Participation and success in the Festivals continue further when in the edition of 1969, again wins Second Prize with the song "Feast of Lights" (Festa e dritave). The year 1969 will mark a series of achievements for the Vlora singer, she starts working as a professional singer with the Vlora Variety and receives the Art Medal at the National Festival of Artistic Ensembles. The second prize at the Festival seems to haunt her, so it happens again and again when in v. 1970, in the 9th edition she wins it again with the song "Nene dhe shoqe". A year later, in the edition of 10th Festival on RTsh, wins two of them with the two songs sung "Ne te Dy" and "Interesant", thus achieving a record for second prizes won, full of 7 if we add the one won in the 1972 edition of the 12th Festival, from the period 1967-1972.


The year 1971 will find her on a tour in Romania with the Albanian Songs and Dance Ensemble and Kosovo with the Laberia Ensemble. In 1974 she was honored with the Gold Medal for outstanding merits at the Artistic Festival Ensembles in Tirana.

The year 1978 marks her marriage to director and actor Zehrudin Dokle. And while this same year she becomes a Professional Singer in the Variety of the city of Kukes. With the same troupe goes on a tour for a month in Kosovo in v. 1980.


In 1982 she recorded 25 folk songs with the Radio Television Symphony Orchestra. Her success will continue when in 1987 she becomes a Professional Singer in the Variety of the city of Shkodra. Goes with this troupe on a tour in Macedonia in v. 1991. The year 1994 will take part in the famous show "12  nights in Hollywood". Her long and successful career includes her activity in 1997 as a Professional singer in the Variety of the city of Tirana, and in v. 2000 participates in the Yalta International Festival with the “Skenderbeu” Ensemble of Korca. After 2003 is represented in the big TV show "Folk Song Marathon", while in 2006 represents Albania in the Balkan festival in Bulgaria with bouquets from Vlora songs.

Her musical repertoire is wide and varied with songs of light music but especially, folk songs from Vlora and Kukes. She was also active as an actress in the movie "When a day dawned" (Kur zbardhi nje dite) – 1973.


Participation in Song Festivals on Rtsh:

6 times (1967 - 1973)

1 - 1967 / 6th Editon "Holiday In Malësia".

2 - 1968 / 7th Edition "Kur te kalosh mbi trase"; "Miq ne laberi" 

3 - 1969 / 8th Editon "Dritat e Jetes".

4 - 1970 / 9th Edition "Nene dhe shoqe"; "Festa e dritave".

5 - 1971 / 10th Edition "Ne mbremjen e vallezimit (Ne te dy)"  in duet with Pellumb Yzeiri and the other song "Permes dritash".

6 - 1973 / The Edition "Te dua bregdet I kalter” and “Kenga e lumenjve”

Awards and titles at Song Festivals on RTSH:

Record: 7 times Second Prize!






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