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Sunday, December 27, 2020


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 VANI TRAKO (1923 – 2009)

Basic actor of the Korça`s Theater and the Albanian cinema.

He was born on January 7, 1923 in the village of Boboshtica in the district of Korça. From a young age, when he was 10 years old, he started singing at various festivals in Boboshtica, so much so that the inhabitants christened him "The Nightingale of the Village". He also did various jobs to help his family as a teenager. In 1937 he won the competition to enter the Theological School "Jovan Banga" (Korça) but with the fascist occupation in 1939 the school was closed and he could not continue. 


He moved to Tirana and poverty and unemployment make Vani (18 years old) in years 1940 - 1941 to be employed there in the capital. He would continue his artistic activity in partisan formations where next to the rifle he was the singer of the Partisan Choir of the Country Command (Choir of Division II). After the liberation in 1945, he transferred to the army ensemble when in addition to the choir he also participated in the theater group directed by Sokrat Mio. In December 1947 he was released from the army, returned to Korça and was active there with the amateur theater group until 1950, the year in which the professional theater was established. In 1950, in the professional theater of Korça, he played his first role as Goduni with the drama "Overthrow". 


 His artistic activity extends every year by staging hundreds of pieces in schools, work centers, cooperatives, military units, the “Pioneer House” and the Korca`s Palace of Culture. Some of the shows where Vani participates were "Shadows of the night", "Stinginess", "Doctor without glows", "The Swamp", "Aphrodite Island", "Wedding in war", "Volpone", and others. He also participates in Albanian cinematography with the films "Tana" (1958) (the first Albanian film), "Stars of the long nights" (1973), "Alleys looking for the sun" (1975), "Coping " (1976) and "Martyrs of Monuments" (1980). In 1952 he was sent to Moscow with the state cultural delegation for an official visit. Then, around the '60s, he was appointed director of the "Andon Z. Çajupi" theater in Korça, a decision which he opposes motivated by his passion for the performing arts. In the '70s, as an actor and director, he staged two operettas with the children of the Pioneer House for a national competition in Tirana: "Flutura" and "Vallja e Karançave", where both are awarded with the flag and the first prize. In theater and cinema, he would work with love and passion while also showing his talent until retirement. 


Meanwhile, Vani Trako is not separated from the song he sings and participates in the characteristic Korça choir "Kori Lyra", from which he was not separated for more than four decades. He also participated in the Church Choir "St. Ilia" and since 1998 organized and directed the Church Choir "St. Thanasi". In his repertoire of songs were those with patriotic themes,  lyrical and satirical songs, love of nature, places and humanity. His acting achievements and various activities have brought Vanis appreciation from specialists and spectators. He has been honored with medals, orders and the title "Merited Artist" by various institutions. On December 28, 2009, Vani passed away at the age of 86 after suffering for months from an incurable disease. Vani is one of the heavy stones that were placed in the foundations of the professional theater of Korça. 

#AlbanianCinematographySceneArt - December 27, 2020 

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